The mentoring revolution

Micromentoring is changing the way mentees and mentors interact, unlocking mentoring's full potential

Mentoring is no longer a well kept secret.

With 75% of fortune 500 companies having some kind of mentoring initiative in place, the benefits of mentoring are documented and mentoring is rapidly gaining attention and adoption.

In micromentoring, everyone in the company can be a mentor within their area of expertise and mentees can choose who to get the knowledge and insights they want from. Mentees can have several mentors, with different skills, personalities and approaches and it can be a long-term relationship or just a one-off depending on the need. All employees are given the possibility to grow and are empowered to take responsibility for their learning by figuring out what they want to learn and who to get that knowledge from. They can thereby develop and improve a wide set of skills and experiences are seamlessly transferred within the company.

Traditional mentoring has its limits:

  • As mentee, you only get insights from one person.

  • If your mentor is not “right” for you it is often not easy to find a new one.

  • It requires time and effort to set up mentoring relationships and follow up.

  • Mentors can only share their knowledge with a few mentees.

What are the advantages of micromentoring 

  • Mentees are empowered and take responsibility for their learning.

  • Mentees can develop and improve a wide set of skills and easily find what skills they want to

       further develop.

  • Knowledge and experience is seamlessly transferred within the company.



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