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Behind the Mentor

In our new “Behind the Mentor” blog series we meet people that have mentoring in their heart and help others to grow and succeed.

First out is our very own Per Lundquist, he is a Business Coach and OKR expert specialising in performance psychology and how to get more done of what matters. He also supports LOOP ( when it comes to continuously developing LOOP to provide the best mentoring and learning experience.

What is your background?

I have a background within management consulting, digital transformation and startups. But that was in my previous life, now I focus on enabling businesses to get things done and achieve maximum impact.

What is your typical day like?

I am based in Stockholm and London and since I run my own consultancy business each day is very different from the other.

I coach and train managers, entrepreneurs and management teams to accelerate change through dialogue using OKR and other methods.

What parts of your Job do you love? What motivated you in choosing your career?

I love the energy working with people in transformation and I have always been interested in understanding what drives people’s behaviour. Most of the time a new step for me has been linked to a curiosity on a new area of expertise I would like to learn, or a part of the world I would like to experience through work. Have you had a mentor and what did you learn from them?

Through my career I’ve sought direct advice to help me grow or transform. When I was about to move to Singapore I got a lot of cross cultural advice from a person who had lived there longer. It was really helpful to see things in different ways to be able to adapt faster.

When I was new on the job working for a multinational company, I was fortunate to have a much more experienced colleague in another country that mentored me into my role, getting me up to speed a lot faster.

Do you have any advice for your younger you?

Anything is possible if you really want it, so strive to find things to work with that you are passionate about!

To find your strengths and to grow, you need to try new things. So, don´t be afraid of doing new things, to challenge yourself and to sometimes get it wrong.

Ask people for advice, people love to help! And when you ask, ask the very best!

I would also advise my younger self to start to meditate every day. It helps your inner balance and focus.

You help LOOP to stay at the forefront of mentoring, why did you engage with LOOP and what is the best about it?

I recently partnered with LOOP to help developing the smartest way to help companies to skill and reskill their workforce.

Having a tool that makes it easy and fast to find, consume and share knowledge is just awesome. I work with a lot of different organisations, what they all have in common is the lack of time.

LOOP fits in perfectly by providing short and effective interactions between employees. Not only it ensures skills transfer between employees, it also promotes learning networks across the organization.

And last, to anyone out there thinking of becoming a mentor and help others grow, what is your most important advice?

Expert advice and sharing experience is very useful, but remember to mix it with the magical questions that will help others to discover what might be possible for them and what resources they already have.

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