Do you have what it takes to be a (micro)mentor?

The word Mentor can sound pretty intimidating considering the traits it is often associated with. Often times one would have had to have, many years of experience in specialized fields to even be given the responsibility of shaping and moulding the career of a junior employee.

Given the dynamic shift of traditional organizations, the disruptive age of technology and short attention spans, “traditional mentoring” is falling by the wayside leaving space for new-generation tools, like micromentoring.

Micromentors are subject matter experts and sharing ambassadors.

We’re going to delve into some important traits a micromentor should possess and should you have these traits we strongly encourage you to help in becoming pioneers of knowledge sharing within the workplace.

Top 5 traits of a great micromentor

Shows enthusiasm in chosen Field -

One would expect a mentor to be knowledgeable in their chosen field and show great passion for it. Being engaged in your field of expertise is of course one of the key aspects of being a mentor. Engagement is contagious and as a mentor you should walk the talk.

Has willingness to share Skills, Knowledge and Expertise -

A great mentor has a sharing ability and wants to help others succeed. You should take pride and cherish seeing your peers reach their goals, after all their success is yours too.

Possesses the ability to give constructive criticism and guidance -

Honesty with a touch of humility is another trait a mentor should possess. In a mentor-mentee relationship your purpose is to be constructive and criticism should be used as a tool to help the mentee constantly improve.

Motivates others by setting good examples -

A mentor sets an example by doing rather than standing on the sidelines and giving instructions. You have the chance to make a difference, take it.

One who values the opinions of others -

A great mentor is one who has the ability to listen to others and take heed of others’ thoughts. Learning is an endless process and we all should welcome help from others.

Now, this begs the question, do You have what it takes to be a micromentor?

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