Reintroducing the Human Touch in the Workplace

What does it mean to make the workplace more human? Considering the boom of digitalization in organizations worldwide it has become easy to strip away the human aspect, albeit unintentionally.

Finding the balance between humanity and technology is like maintaining a well-oiled machine. Understanding that the two go hand in hand and finding a balance between them is what companies should seek to find. The sense of loss for human connection in organizations is one of the contributing factors we’re seeing in why millennials are having minimal longevity in their work.

The struggle companies are facing is how do they stay ahead of the pack in the technological developments, digitalizing business processes and tools, whilst humanizing the experience of their employees.

A lot is being done to improve human experience in organizations, for example

allowing employees to work remotely, provide flexibility and health programs to help employees be able to balance their work and personal life and making the working environment as creative as possible.

Mentoring is all about human interaction and therefore it’s a great complement to other human-centric initiatives. By providing a peer to reach out to when needed, companies are really providing the well needed human touch that employees look for in their everyday work-life.

Micromentoring further develops the human perspective within the organization by providing limitless learning relationships. Unlike other learning techniques, like for example e-learning, the core of mentoring and micromentoring is the interaction between human beings and the value that it creates.

LOOP combines a state-of-the-art digital platform with the human touch, combining the best of these two worlds to create a powerful tool that really puts the individual back in the center again.

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