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What is your post-pandemic reskilling strategy?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Things are slowly getting back to the “new normal”, where digital has taken a bigger place in everyone’s life and organizations globally have first struggled and then succeeded in transitioning to the work-from-home model.

It’s fair to say that one of the key findings that the recent events have uncovered is that we will never know what forces will be affecting us and when, and that we need to be able to adapt to new conditions on a regular basis, though probably not all of the same magnitude as the ongoing pandemic.

We have experienced hands-on our vulnerabilities when it comes to quickly transform and adapt and reposition ourselves, as individuals and companies.

In light of this, how are organizations globally rethinking and reshaping their approach to reskilling and upskilling employees?

Skilled employees are the key to being able to transform. Without the ability to quickly create and improve skills, transforming is much harder and takes more time. Reskilling employees has therefore to be fast, pervasive and penetrate each layer of the organization seamlessly. Only then companies will achieve higher resilience and future-proof their business, regardless of what the future might throw at them.

But achieving this kind of reskilling is not an easy challenge, traditional techniques like e-learning come short in terms of engagement and others are just not scalable enough.

Creating an environment that is responsive to new challenges, without exactly knowing which these might be, requires new ways of thinking and approaching skills development.

Peer to peer learning has become a key player within reskilling and upskilling. By enabling employees to take responsibility, learn and share skills with each other, organizations can unlock existing competence, continuously creating and improving skills in the most natural and engaging way.

With LOOP, organizations globally are able to give their employees the tools to continuously improve and grow, making sure that they support business transformation and innovation and contribute to the companies wellbeing no matter what the future might bring.

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